hippoquadoculus, posable sci-fi creature, strikes a dramatic pose under moody vignette lighting
hippoquadoculus, posable sci-fi creature, stands on a rocky hillside
symmetrical, head-on perspective of hippoquadoculus's face
three-quarter back view of hippoquadoculus, a creature from the distant future
hippoquadoculus tosses her head
side view of hippoquadoculus on gravel


46cm (18") long

Hippoquadoculus is an opportunistic herbivore from far in the future, living on a polluted Earth. Plants and animals in this world have adapted to live with the pollution; many have evolved to manufacture poisons, venoms, and bright colors from the unnatural chemicals that are now ubiquitous throughout the soil and water. Hippoquadoculus sees a different end of the spectrum with each pair of eyes, which helps her distinguish edible plants from poisonous ones. She also benefits from having depth perception on both sides of her face (something a normal 2-eyed herbivore lacks), which helps her spot predators in a visually complex environment. She has a long neck for browsing shrubs and small trees. Nostrils far up her snout are protected from thorns, as well as letting her breath while eating pond plants.

Hippoquadoculus is an OOAK posable creature art doll. She has a polymer clay head and lower legs, while the rest of her body is plush constructed over a sturdy, posable wire armature. The polymer clay and parts of the fur have been painted with acrylic pigments (yes, the colored areas of the fur remain soft!) The eyes, horns, spurs, hooves, and the tip of the snout have been varnished with polyurethane finish for shine and/or improved durability.

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