clouded leopard dragons mama and cub 3/4 view
clouded leopard dragons mama and cub front view
clouded leopard dragonsmama and cub
clouded leopard dragon mama

Clouded Leopard Dragons

Mama: 74cm (29") long
Baby: 46cm (18") long

I built these two for a mother and son, who wanted a dragon/mammal/cat hybrid with colors of purple and teal. The markings are inspired by clouded leopards. Creating adult and young forms of the same creature was an interesting challenge.

The Clouded Leopard Dragons are one of a kind commissioned works. The faces and claws are sculpted in polymer clay, while the bodies are soft and constructed over a wire armature. These creatures are built from scratch and hand painted (yes, even the eyes are painted clay, not glass!) The synthetic fur is hand sewn and remains soft.

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