bone-dragon-wolf left view
bone-dragon-wolf omg amazing photo
bone-dragon-wolf right view
bone-dragon-wolf side view
bone-dragon-wolf staring right straight at you... uh oh..


48cm (19") long

Bone-Dragon-Wolf is a one of a kind commissioned work. My client said his favorite colors were green, black, and silver, and asked for a dragon/wolf hybrid. The inspiration imagery he gave me included skeletal creatures and spikey gauntlets. Bone-Dragon-Wolf is the resulting synthesis of these ideas.

Bone-Dragon-Wolf's face, feet, and spines are sculpted in polymer clay, while the rest of the body is soft and constructed over a wire armature. Bone-Dragon-Wolf is built from scratch and hand painted (yes, even the eyes are painted clay, not glass!) The synthetic fur is hand sewn to the body and remains soft.

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